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Aqua Sterling Purification System

Superior Family Countertop Drinking Solution, First of its Kind Clear Gravity Fed Drinking Water System.

Height of the System is 28 Inches Tall with the Included Stand or 20 Inches Tall Without Using the Stand.

H2O ResQ Biofilm Defender Concentrate 2 oz

Natural Mineral Ion Solution - Inhibits the Growth of Bacteria by Using a Patented and Tested Formula.

Pharmaceutical Grade Concentrate - Scientifically Engineered with 15 Years of Development and Testing. Endorsed by a Former US Public Health Service Scientist. Made in the USA!

One Bottle of H2O ResQ (2 oz) - Treats 330 Gallons of Water. Maintains Purified Water up to 5 Years. Avoid Cheap Harmful Chlorine and Bleach Based Products That Have a Very Short Shelf Life.

INCLUDES TEST KIT - $10 VALUE - To Check Mineral Ionization Levels of Treated Water!


This nano filter checks all of the boxes and blows away any ceramic filter I've ever used. If you're used to buying the BB9-2 Black filters, this product will change your mind.

Green Nano Filter

We live out in central Florida. These past couple days have been quite brutal here. One thing that made the situation better was having this Gravity Purification System. Our power was out yesterday and this filter offered clean water to a dozen or more people. Thank you and will be needing more.

Nano Gravity Water Purification System

I have used three bottles of this now and recommend it to friends. After several years of storage the water still tastes great. In the words of The Water Boy: "That's some high quality H2O!"

Biofilm Defender

Bought some ProOne filters and weren't satisfied with the quality. This flows very quickly and the water tastes 1:1 with the filtered water from super markets, the 7 and 10 stage ones. No complaints. I'd suggest buying directly from their website, the deal there is a lot better. Customer service is fantastic too.

Green Nano Filter