H2O ResQ Water Storage Treatment

H2O ResQ Water Storage Treatment
H2O ResQ Water Storage Treatment
H2O ResQ Water Storage Treatment
H2O ResQ Water Storage Treatment
H2O ResQ Water Storage Treatment
H2O ResQ Water Storage Treatment

H2O ResQ Water Storage Treatment

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H2O ResQ Water Storage, Natural and Patented Formula, Treats 55 Gallons, Keeps Water Fresh for 5 Years

  • 1 OZ Bottle of H2O ResQ - Treats 55 Gallons of Water. Maintains Purified Water up to 5 Years. Avoid In-Expensive Harmful Chlorine and Bleach Based Products That Have a Short Shelf Life.
  • All Natural Mineral Ion Solution - Inhibits the Growth of Pathogens by Using a Patented and Tested Formula.
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Concentrate - Scientifically Engineered with 15 Years of Development and Testing. Endorsed by a Former US Public Health Service Scientist.
  • Specifically Designed - For Eliminating Water Rotation, Use in Water Filtering Devices, Water Storage Tanks, Bottles, Large Storage Containers, Fresh Livestock
  • Water, Rain Harvesting Water Tanks, RV’s, Trailers, Boats and Septic Tanks.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed - Try It Risk Free - Made in the USA

How many drops for 5 gallon ?

For one Gallon, 12 Drops are recommended. To answer your question, 12 Drops X 5 Gallons = 60 Drops are recommended to store and maintain pure water in a 5 Gallon container.

Do you have to add this to clean water or can you add it to water that has already expired? (Water that was once clean but is now old)

The H2O ResQ is added to clean water so that it can preserve water and keep it fresh. If water has already been contaminated, then the water needs to be dumped and start the process over again.

Will this react if iodine is added to the water?

If your questions pertains to adding “iodine” to water that you are planning to store long term utilizing the H2O ResQ water treatment, the answer is no. Of course any iodine water disinfectant treatment requires the proper concentration to be utilized. Please note, H2O ResQ is designed to store fresh, clean, municipal (tap water), or filtered water.

Iodine or bleach is typically used to disinfect water in an emergency or survival scenario and is not an effective long term method to store clean water. Also, iodine should not be utilized long term for water treatment for it is subject to side effects and can be harmful.

We also offer a better proven method to remove waterborne pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria and protozoa with a 99.9999% effective rate and it improves the taste of the water too. Our “Nano Gravity Water Filter”, Exceeds EPA and the World Health Organization's protective standards for removal of virus, bacteria and cysts.

Note soon, we will also be offering an easy to assemble gravity-fed water purification system based on our Nano Gravity Water Filter technology. The Dry Element, “Nano Gravity Water Filtration System” is made in the USA , affordable and includes everything you will need for an emergency long term water filtration situation.

expiration date. Dear Seller, i got your product. could you please let me know how long this can last unopened and if opened? Thank you.

Thank you for your question. There is no expiration date for the product. With that being said in order to achieve indefinite shelf life, it is recommended to store the product in a cool and dry place with the cap on.

main ingredient?

This proprietary formula with over 15 years of testing utilizes copper/silver ion technology (as a main ingredient) at a synergistic level to inhibit Biofilm growth. The ingredients used are food grade FDA and NSF approved additives deemed safe when properly diluted. When following directions properly the PPM level of additives is below EPA and FDA approved safety guidelines.

Should I add this into our Berkey filter before storage? I only pull it out twice a month to fill up storage containers but notice bacteria at filter

Yes, if you are using ceramic type filters, such as the Berkey it would be a good idea, after cleaning the filter to treat it with our H2O ResQ formula to help eliminate Biofilm Bacterial Growth. Just flush some H2O ResQ teated water based on the recommended dosage per gallon through the filter prior to letting it dry out and stored for next time. Then add the recommended dosage of H2O ResQ to your long term potable / fresh water storage container.

Since you mentioned that you filter water twice a month, perhaps you might want to look at a superior filter that we also sell on Amazon that is Anti-Microbial by design, since it is silver impregnated. Silver has amazing properties and just like our H2O ResQ product, we engineered that into our Ionic Nano Ionic Gravity Water Filter as well. Our Dry Element, Nano Ionic Gravity Water Filter is based on a superior technology versus the typical Ceramic Cone type filter that Berkey and others use. You will find our Nano Filter to be easier to use, require less maintenance, out performs multiple Berkey filters and just let it dry before storing it. Ceramic water filtration systems require multiple filters, priming, constant maintenance in order to provide an adequate water supply, compared to one Dry Element, Nano Ionic Gravity Water Filter. Besides you will save money in the long run and it too is made in the USA.