Green Nano Gravity Water Purification Filter

Green Nano Gravity Water Purification Filter
Green Nano Gravity Water Purification Filter
Green Nano Gravity Water Purification Filter
Green Nano Gravity Water Purification Filter
Green Nano Gravity Water Purification Filter
Green Nano Gravity Water Purification Filter
Green Nano Gravity Water Purification Filter
Green Nano Gravity Water Purification Filter

Green Nano Gravity Water Purification Filter

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High Capacity Nano Gravity Water Purification Filter Replacement That Outperforms BB9-2

  • REPLACEMENT FILTER - for Berkey, Aquacera, Propur, Doulton, Other Filters. Large 2.5 inch x 7.5 inch filter housing.
  • SMART NANO - Electro Positive Filtration - Sub Micron Filtration - Carbon Impregnated - Silver Infused.
  • OUTPERFORMS - Ceramic Gravity Filter Systems that Require Multiple Filters. NO Priming Required and NO Waiting Up to 24 Hours for Maximum Water Flow to Start. Less Maintenance, Does Not Clog-Up as Quickly and is Not as Fragile as Ceramic Filters.
  • ADVANCED PURIFICATION - Eliminates 99.9999% of Viruses, 99.9999% of Bacteria, 99.99% of Protozoa, Parasites and Cysts. Reduces Inorganic Minerals / Compounds, Heavy Metals, Pharmaceuticals, VOCs, and other Impurities.
  • UP TO 20X LONGER FILTER LIFE - Greater Purified Water Production When Compared to Other Single Ceramic Filters. Up to 12 Gallons Per Hour Water Filtration from a Single Filter. *Subjective to Water Quality and Source.

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How much filtered water can it hold/store?

We presume that your question is asking how much water can be processed through the filter or how long will it last? No filter is designed to store water, only to filter water. Our filter was designed to be utilized in Berkey, AquaCera, Doulton, or any other type of gravity filter housing and to replace those filters with a more advanced technology. Just one of our Nano Filters will purify several thousand gallons of water and that is also subject to the source. The true test of a filter is realized in an emergency situation, where you will need to be able to purify many different types of fresh water sources, not only municipal water with a reliable, acceptable production flow.

Where is this filter made?

The filter is Made in the USA.

Does this filter remove microplastice?

Yes, I believe your question is regarding “microplastics”. If so, various government agencies have defined “microplastics” as fragments of any type of plastic less than 5 mm / 0.2 inches.

Can this filter be used for well water to take out iron?

Yes, our Nano Filter will remove iron.

However, depending on the type of iron being filtered and the iron concentration level, it may cause the Nano Filter to prematurely become clogged. This could shorten the life span of the filter, because of its advanced design in how it traps impurities and contaminants, such as iron.

Note, there are many factors that need to be evaluated regarding well water containing iron. Such as the type of iron that may be present in water, like soluble ferrous iron or insoluble ferric iron. The water may flow from a faucet clear and then turn red or brown after standing. Organic iron, typically is yellow or brown, and can be colorless.

Does this filter work in the Alexapure Gravity fed water system?

Yes, this filter will work very well with the Alexapure Gravity Fed water system. It was also designed to replace other ceramic type filters in similar stainless steel or plastic bucket systems.

Do these filter fluoride?

The Dry Element, “Smart Nano Ionic Gravity Filter” was primarily engineered to provide a high water flow rate, to provide a high level of biological pathogen elimination and to provide safe drinking (potable) water. Our Non-Ceramic Nano Filter design also removes and/or reduces Inorganic Compounds, Heavy Metals, VOC’s, PCB’s, and pharmaceuticals. The filter provides approximately a 25% reduction in fluoride and that is subject to variables, such as the water flow rate, pH levels, saturation levels, contact time, etc.

Please note, no one filter is designed to remove everything from a water source. Other ceramic type based filters require additional filters, specifically designed to only remove fluoride, utilizing unique absorption compounds. Unfortunately, this can greatly affect the efficiency of the filter, longevity, water flow rate, etc. These ad on filters also increase cost and may negate the primary purpose of a water purification filter.

Our Nano Gravity Filter is a Sub-micron Series, is NSF/ANSI 42- and 61- Certified and UPCCertified by the IAPMO organization.

Will this filter pass the red food coloring test?

This question must be pertaining to other companies selling and promoting outdated older ceramic based filter systems, specifically “Black Ceramic” filters, where they claim that red colored water suffices for an actual test. This so called water test is used to check for internal filter damage, due to their fragile design, prone to hairline fractures and easily damaged.

The Dry Element, “Nano Gravity Water Purification Filter is based on a superior more advanced Electro Positive Filtration - Sub Micron Filtration - Carbon Impregnated - Silver Infused Nano Ionic fabric technology, which is also used by NASA. Our filter has even been certified by the Space Foundation. Therefore a red color water test Does Not apply to this technology and is typically sold as a subjective test for ceramic based gravity-fed water filters.

Note, such a test is not used in the real world test labs certified by the EPA, WHO, etc. The only conclusive way to really test all water filters regarding what they remove or reduce is to have a real world certified lab test subject to EPA and WHO standards. The Dry Element, “Nano Gravity Water Filter”, Exceeds EPA and the World Health Organization's protective standards for removal of virus, bacteria and cysts.

Ironically, one such company that sells gravity-fed systems based on the “Black Ceramic Filter” technology states the following in their Operation Booklet of the product: “If you suspect the water source contains viral and bacteriological contamination, as a precaution you may add 16- drops of plain bleach or iodine to each 1-gallon of water and wait 30 minutes in order to pre-treat the water before purifying in this system.” So how effective is the red food color test in proving that such a filter is actually removing pathogens, etc?

Are there any independent laboratory tests for this specific product that show the filtration efficiency for various contaniments? Thank you.

Yes, we would be happy to provide you additional information. Please email us at