Humidifi Drops Treatment

Humidifi Drops Treatment
Humidifi Drops Treatment
Humidifi Drops Treatment
Humidifi Drops Treatment
Humidifi Drops Treatment
Humidifi Drops Treatment
Humidifi Drops Treatment
Humidifi Drops Treatment
Humidifi Drops Treatment
Humidifi Drops Treatment

Humidifi Drops Treatment

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Humidifi Drops - Natural Food Grade Concentrate, Formula Prevents Slimy Buildup on Surfaces, Reduces Scaling - Cleans & Deodorizes Water Inside All Humidifier Models, 100+ Day Supply, Made in USA

  • HEALTHIER HUMIDIFIERS - This advanced humidifier treatment from Dry Element is engineered to keep any humidifier in peak condition. Our humidifier treatment drops can help stop slime and organic material buildup What’s more, people with asthma love Dry Element’s humidifier tank cleaner drops as a way to help prevent complications from dirty humidifiers
  • REDUCED BUILDUP - Our bacteriostatic water treatment not only stops slime, but also helps fight deposits and odor; These humidifier maintenance drops help prolong your humidifier’s life by reducing calcium buildups and scale; What’s more our humidifier descaler drops can also prevent unsightly rust stains
  • ALL HUMIDIFIERS - One of the best thing about Dry Element’s humidifier treatment solution is its versatility; Our universal humidifier cleaner works in both warm and cool mist humidifiers as well as ultrasonic and impeller versions; For a humidifier descaler and cleaner that’s as practical as you are, Dry Element is the answer
  • MADE IN USA - Combining over 10 years of expert research and development, our warm and cool mist humidifier cleaner drops uses proprietary natural mineral ion technology to keep your humidifier sparkling; Better still, this descaler for humidifiers is proudly made right here in the USA to strict American standards
  • LONG LASTING - In a convenient one ounce bottle, our demineralizer for humidifiers will last about 100 days; Simply add a few drops of humidifier cleaner solution to the tank with each refill; Our humidifier cleaner and descaler is a Superior alternative to humidifier fish or humidifier cleaning tablets

I have birds in my room. Is this also safe for them?

Yes they are safe to use around birds, along with other pets like cats and dogs as well.

Does this product help with white dust?

Yes, the Humidifier Drops will help to reduce the white dust that is emitted by humidifiers. This white dust is basically dissolved salts, calcium and magnesium that is found in water. The hardness of the water greatly affects overall performance and maintenance.

The formula was engineered to work with municipal source water or filtered water to reduce overall maintenance and keep the water fresh. This solution inhibits bacteria and organic growth that builds up inside of the humidifier over time.

If these are used in an evaporative humidifier, does it matter whether or not it has a filter?

No, it does not matter whether your humidifier machine has a filter or not. Humidifier Drops are engineered to work with all types of humidifiers.

Do the drops get vaporized into the air? Thanks

No, water is vaporized and this is a 97% solution of filtered water. The amount of proprietary solution added is very minuscule and not an issue. The EPA has approved silver/copper Ionization treatments for use in drinking water, swimming pools, hot tubs, jacuzzi’s, etc.

How do you use them?

We recommend that you start with a thorough, cleaning of your humidifier per manufacturer instructions to properly sterilize your machine. After that, drops are added based on the water reservoir capacity for your humidifier. We recommend three drops per 1/2 gallon, six drops per 1 gallon, and 12 drops per 2 gallons of water being treated. The drops should be added to the reservoir after each refill. Please note, this is a maintenance solution for your humidifier not a cleaning solution.

What are the ingredients?

This proprietary formula with over 10 years of testing utilizes mineral ion technology at a synergistic level to inhibit Biofilm growth. The ingredients used are copper, silver and filtered water, all food grade FDA and NSF approved additives deemed safe when properly diluted.

Can C use this in my cpap humidifier water chamber?

Please note, we recommend that you adhere to the manufactures instructions regarding your “CPAP” machine. Most manufactures recommend to only use Distilled Water.

Does this take the place of purified water? Can I just use tap water with this in my humidifier.

Yes, you can use tap water with Humidifier Drops. The solution will improve whichever water you choose to use and help reduce overall maintenance. Does this take the place of purified water? Can I just use tap water with this in my humidifier.

Regarding "purified water" that is usually referred to Reverse Osmosis, Bottled Water, or Distilled Water. With all our products we always recommend the customer follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding their product. The type of water you use is up to you and the purer the water source, typically the less issues, such as water hardness, chlorine, heavy metals, calcium deposits, and iron rust staining typically found in tap water.

How many drops per bottle?

The bottle holds 1 oz of liquid which is approximately 600 drops.

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