Humidifier Drops Treatment
Humidifier Drops Treatment
Humidifier Drops Treatment
Humidifier Drops Treatment
Humidifier Drops Treatment
Humidifier Drops Treatment
Humidifier Drops Treatment
Humidifier Drops Treatment
Humidifier Drops Treatment

Humidifier Drops Treatment

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Humidifier Drops - Natural Food Grade Concentrate, Formula Prevents Slimy Buildup on Surfaces, Reduces Scaling - Cleans & Deodorizes Water Inside All Humidifier Models, 100+ Day Supply, Made in USA

  • HEALTHIER HUMIDIFIERS - This advanced humidifier treatment from Dry Element is engineered to keep any humidifier in peak condition. Our humidifier treatment drops can help stop slime and organic material buildup What’s more, people with asthma love Dry Element’s humidifier tank cleaner drops as a way to help prevent complications from dirty humidifiers
  • REDUCED BUILDUP - Our bacteriostatic water treatment not only stops slime, but also helps fight deposits and odor; These humidifier maintenance drops help prolong your humidifier’s life by reducing calcium buildups and scale; What’s more our humidifier descaler drops can also prevent unsightly rust stains
  • ALL HUMIDIFIERS - One of the best thing about Dry Element’s humidifier treatment solution is its versatility; Our universal humidifier cleaner works in both warm and cool mist humidifiers as well as ultrasonic and impeller versions; For a humidifier descaler and cleaner that’s as practical as you are, Dry Element is the answer
  • MADE IN USA - Combining over 10 years of expert research and development, our warm and cool mist humidifier cleaner drops uses proprietary natural mineral ion technology to keep your humidifier sparkling; Better still, this descaler for humidifiers is proudly made right here in the USA to strict American standards
  • LONG LASTING - In a convenient one ounce bottle, our demineralizer for humidifiers will last about 100 days; Simply add a few drops of humidifier cleaner solution to the tank with each refill; Our humidifier cleaner and descaler is a Superior alternative to humidifier fish or humidifier cleaning tablets
  • ORIGINAL - We are the original humidifier solution to maintain clean water and protect your machine. With over 7,000 five star reviews on Amazon, and thousands of repeat customers through our own website. Results speak for themselves. Be aware of knockoffs.

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Frequently asked question

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.Yes! The Humidifier Drops will treat the water to prevent biofilm and bacteria growth from multiplying inside the storage tank.

Yes, many moms use the Humidifier Drops from newborns all the way to younger kids to make sure the air in their room stays clean.

Absolutely. The Humidifier Drops work with all makes and models. No matter how simple or complicated your machine is, the product will work and do its job.

Food-grade copper and silver ions. The ingredients are found in pet food and baby formula as well. We source the highest quality ingredients.

Depending on how long you run your humidifier, the average is 100 days per bottle.

The Humidifier Drops will reduce white dust buildup, which causes scale. The solution is designed to coat in inside walls and inner components of your machine to protect it.

Unfortunately, this is not what the product was engineered to do, and we have not done testing on CPAP machines.

We have received requests for this. Please contact us for a bulk discount to save money on 5+ units.

The short answer is yes. The good news is that the need to clean the machine is significantly reduced because the bacteria will not grow and accumulate consistently. Less time cleaning and more time enjoying clean air!

Yes. We have several customers with large amounts of plants who run humidifiers almost 24 hours a day. They love using the Humidifier Drops.