H2O ResQ Water Storage Treatment 55 Gallons
H2O ResQ Water Storage Treatment 55 Gallons
H2O ResQ Water Storage Treatment 55 Gallons
H2O ResQ Water Storage Treatment 55 Gallons
H2O ResQ Water Storage Treatment 55 Gallons
H2O ResQ Water Storage Treatment 55 Gallons

H2O ResQ Water Storage Treatment 55 Gallons

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H2O ResQ Water Storage, Natural And Patented Formula, Treats 55 Gallons, Keeps Water Fresh For 5 Years

  • 1 OZ Bottle of H2O ResQ - Treats 55 Gallons of Water. Maintains Purified Water up to 5 Years. Avoid In-Expensive Harmful Chlorine and Bleach Based Products That Have a Short Shelf Life.
  • All Natural Mineral Ion Solution - Inhibits the Growth of Pathogens by Using a Patented and Tested Formula.
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Concentrate - Scientifically Engineered with 15 Years of Development and Testing. Endorsed by a Former US Public Health Service Scientist.
  • Specifically Designed - For Eliminating Water Rotation, Use in Water Filtering Devices, Water Storage Tanks, Bottles, Large Storage Containers, Fresh Livestock
  • Water, Rain Harvesting Water Tanks, RV’s, Trailers, Boats and Septic Tanks.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed - Try It Risk Free - Made in the USA


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Frequently asked question

When ordering the product, we provide a detailed instruction pamphlet regarding the initial startup, utilization of a sanitizer, operation, and the benefits of H2OFix. Please Note that if you follow the included product instructions, using a sanitizer, such as chlorine, will be reduced.

However, the amount of sanitizer and/or use of it is subject to the cleanliness and use of the hot tub, jacuzzi, or jetted tub and how it is maintained. For example, frequent usage can introduce contaminants like soap, dirt, and body oils into your system, requiring additional maintenance and possibly a need to use sanitizer.

H2OFix utilizes the natural properties of copper and silver mineral ionization. It works synergistically with chlorine, reducing chlorine levels normally needed to maintain a healthy hot tub, jacuzzi, spa, or jetted bathtub. It also includes other proprietary complex ants, which help to reduce pH drift, calcium buildup, iron/rust staining, scaling, and inhibit biofilm (bacterial) growth.

Yes. One bottle of H2OFix treats about 3200 gallons of water based on the formula, and 1 oz treats 400 gallons. You should have two treatments for your amount of water with our 8 oz bottle. Unlike chlorine-based products, H2OFix does not break down and dissipate as quickly.

The chlorine shortage has forced spa and pool owners to look for alternatives, and we are the natural solution for cleaning and balancing your water.

Yes, it is safe in any hot tub, jacuzzi or spa. Please note that inflatable hot tubs are typically smaller (150-250 gallons) than fixed or rigid hot tubs and require only approximately one-half (1/2) oz of treatment.

Designed with that in mind, our product will not irritate your skin. It will not give off gasses or odors to irritate your eyes or skin.