H2O ResQ Biofilm Defender Concentrate 2 oz

H2O ResQ Biofilm Defender Concentrate 2 oz
H2O ResQ Biofilm Defender Concentrate 2 oz
H2O ResQ Biofilm Defender Concentrate 2 oz
H2O ResQ Biofilm Defender Concentrate 2 oz
H2O ResQ Biofilm Defender Concentrate 2 oz
H2O ResQ Biofilm Defender Concentrate 2 oz
H2O ResQ Biofilm Defender Concentrate 2 oz

H2O ResQ Biofilm Defender Concentrate 2 oz

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  • Natural Mineral Ion Solution - Inhibits the Growth of Bacteria by Using a Patented and Tested Formula.
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Concentrate - Scientifically Engineered with 15 Years of Development and Testing. Endorsed by a Former US Public Health Service Scientist. Made in the USA!
  • Specifically Designed - For Eliminating Water Rotation, Use in Water Filtering Devices, Water Storage Tanks, Bottles, Large Storage Containers, Fresh Livestock Water, Rain Harvesting Water Tanks, RV’s, Trailers, Boats, Septic Tanks, Hydration Back Packs.
  • One Bottle of H2O ResQ (2 oz) - Treats 330 Gallons of Water. Maintains Purified Water up to 5 Years. Avoid Cheap Harmful Chlorine and Bleach Based Products That Have a Very Short Shelf Life.
  • INCLUDES TEST KIT - $10 VALUE - To Check Mineral Ionization Levels of Treated Water!

A simple, convenient, easy to use, effective long-term proprietary mineral solution that utilizes the natural properties of copper and silver to prevent Biofilm bacterial growth. Solution works in all types of water storage containers, tanks, water filtration systems, RV’s, hydration packs, humidifiers, etc. Helps to maintain pure, sparkling clean, fresh tasting water lasting up to 5 years and eliminates the need to rotate water. Avoid unhealthy short term solutions that utilize hazardous inexpensive household chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite (bleach) or chlorine. Studies have shown that 80% of bacteria live in a Biofilm environment and are protected from chlorine disinfection. Independent studies show that copper-silver ionization is the most effective technology on the market today for the treatment of Biofilm related bacteria. Biofilm can be identified as a slimy feeling substance that is created by bacteria which enter the water through many sources. The bacteria generate a protective slime that attaches to any damp surface. Biofilm grows and attaches to side walls of water storage containers, spigots, seals, lids, plumbing, ceramic filters, filter housing, cartridges, etc. The Biofilm mass can consist of multiple species of bacteria, including fungi, algae, and protozoa. Biofilm is resistant to chlorine and becomes difficult to control once initial adhesion occurs. H2O ResQ Biofilm Defender is a leading edge product when compared to other traditional agents. A treatment that incorporates multiple barrier processes to inhibit the growth or regrowth of Biofilms (bacteria). Utilizing copper-silver ion technology in a proprietary solution to synergistically aid in the control and precipitation of calcium, iron, minerals and scale that Biofilm bacteria utilize to breed, feed, grow, and attach too.

What is the shelf life of this product, when left in its original container how long does it last?

Thank you for your question. There is no expiration date for the product. With that being said in order to achieve indefinite shelf life, it is recommended to store the product in a cool and dry place with the cap on.

What's in it? I'm not sure about buying a product I'll be consuming without any idea what is init.

This proprietary formula with over 10 years of testing utilizes copper/silver ion technology at a synergistic level to inhibit Biofilm growth. The ingredients used are food grade FDA and NSF approved additives deemed safe when properly diluted. When following directions properly the PPM level of additives is below EPA and FDA approved safety guidelines.

In the description and the front facing package it says it treats 330 gal. of water, the photo of the back of the package says it treats 55 gal. ???

Sorry for the confusion and you are correct that one 2 oz bottle treats up to 330 gallons of water. The included Vial / Test Tube has a dual purpose and can be used to more precisely measure the exact amount of treatment for 55 gallon drums. By removing the tip you can treat 55 gallon drums more quickly or you can count the drops. It is also utilized when testing the water.

How much do I add for 160 gallons?

The full 2 oz bottle treats 330 gallons, so half the bottle treats 165 gallons. The easiest way to treat your amount of water is to use the enclosed vial provided with the kit. Please note: the plastic tip on the 2 oz bottle can be removed for easier use when pouring into vial. Each vial (when filled) treats 55 gallons and is pre-measured for convenience. Therefore, add 3 vials (55 x 3 = 165) to treat the water. You will have solution left over to treat another batch or store it for future use.

We wouldn't be using this for tap water, but for h2o purified thru a berkey filtration system first. does purity of water change # of drops needed?

Storing purified water will not effect the amount of H2O ResQ treatment requirements. H2O ResQ was engineered based on the volume of water being stored. Perhaps you might want to consider our Smart Nano Ionic Filter as a Berkey replacement filter. It provides advanced purification and outperforms ceramic filters.

Should i add this into our berkey filter before storage? I only pull it out twice a month to fill up storage containers but notice bacteria at filter

Yes, if you are using ceramic type filters, such as the Berkey it would be a good idea, after cleaning the filter to treat it with our H2O ResQ formula to help eliminate Biofilm Bacterial Growth. Just flush some H2O ResQ teated water based on the recommended dosage per gallon through the filter prior to letting it dry out and stored for next time. Then add the recommended dosage of H2O ResQ to your long term potable / fresh water storage container.

Since you mentioned that you filter water twice a month, perhaps you might want to look at a superior filter that we also sell on Amazon that is Anti-Microbial by design, since it is silver impregnated. Silver has amazing properties and just like our H2O ResQ product, we engineered that into our Ionic Nano Ionic Gravity Water Filter as well. Our Dry Element, Nano Ionic Gravity Water Filter is based on a superior technology versus the typical Ceramic Cone type filter that Berkey and others use. You will find our Nano Filter to be easier to use, require less maintenance, out performs multiple Berkey filters and just let it dry before storing it. Ceramic water filtration systems require multiple filters, priming, constant maintenance in order to provide an adequate water supply, compared to one Dry Element, Nano Ionic Gravity Water Filter. Besides you will save money in the long run and it too is made in the USA.

Is it safe to use in aluminum water tank on a boat?

Yes, this product is safe to use in any approved potable water storage container and will not harm the storage container. We have many boating customers that use our product on a regular basis.

Please note, the ABYC Standard that addresses potable water systems (ABYC H-23) recommends that aluminum not be used for potable water tanks. The standard talks about not using any materials for tank construction that might impart an undesirable taste, odor, or color to the water. The fact is that most tap water used here in the US today has to go through some form of chemical treatment to ensure that the water is safe to drink at all times. Unfortunately, one of the chemicals commonly used is chlorine, which can be corrosive to aluminum after long exposure.

For 1100 liter tank, how many 2oz bottles do i need? doni just pour the small bottle all at one or how do i mix it in the tank?

A 1100 liter tank is approximately 290.5 US gallons and therefore you would only need one 2 oz bottle. Your H2O ResQ 2 oz kit included a 10ml vial that you could use to treat your 1100 liter tank. One 10ml vial treats 55 gallons, therefore you would need to use approximately 5.5 (5 & 1/2) vials filled with H2O ResQ. This can be added while filling the tank.

How many drops do you add to a gallon of water?

Please note, (1 drop treats 1 quart), (4 drops treats 1 gallon) and (1 vial treats 55 gallons) of water.

My package arrived frozen in the mail. Can I still use the product even though it says do not freeze on the box?

Please be advised that due to winter weather conditions in various parts of the country, your item may arrive in a frozen condition.

If your product should freeze during shipment, not to worry, for this should not damage or harm the H2O ResQ solution.

As long as none of the formula has leaked out, it should be fine. Our quality control ensures that we check to make sure all lids / caps are tight on the bottles prior shipment.

I have a 130 gallon tank. Was planning to put in the whole bottle. An overkill, but wanted to use it all up. Is that ok? any harm in overtreating?

We always recommend that the Treatment Instructions are followed. The H2O ResQ (2 oz) is a concentrated formula that was specifically engineered to treat 330 gallons of potable water. Please note, if stored properly H2O ResQ has indefinite shelf life and therefore can be used for additional or future long term water storage. The kit contains a (10 ml) vial with instructions that can be used to more quickly treat your 130 gallon container and eliminates the need to count individual drops. If you utilize the included (10 ml) vial you would only need about two (2) and a one-third (1/3) vials of H2O ResQ solution to treat your container.

Can you treat one gallon at a time?

Yes absolutely, you can treat one gallon of water at a time. Our bottle includes a removable tip or nozzle, which is used to count drops.

Is there a length of time before the water is safe to drink? what exactly is the test kit checking irt copper levels?

There is no length of time required when using municipal (tap) water to fill an uncontaminated food grade water storage container. However, it is recommended to wait 24 hours after filling a storage container with other types of water. The test kit is utilized to test for active copper ions in the water, especially when opening a stored water container in the future.